Wants/80s Oddballs

Updated January 10, 2020


Going back in time during my youth when I began first collecting cards and used to see all the cool box sets, odd balls, regional issues in magazines such as Baseball Cards and Sports Collectors Digest.
***Looking for single card sample or multiples to fill a 2, 4, 9 pocket page***

1980’s Boston Area Collectors Issue Yaz Set (3 cards)

1980 Cramer Baseball Legends Series 1
1980 Donruss Prototype
1980 Topps Coin Test
1980 Topps/Pepsi Test Issue
1980-81 Venezuelan Winter League Stickers

1981 1937 Diamond Stars Extension
1981 All-Star Game Program Inserts
1981 Cleveland Indians Postcards
1981 Minnesota Twins 4×5 Photos
1981 Minnesota Twins Postcards w/or w/o signatures
1981 Montreal Expos Postcards
1981 New York Yankees Photo Album
1981 Philadelphia Phillies Photocards
1981 St. Louis Cardinals Photocards
1981 Seattle Mariners Postcards
1981-82 Venezuelan Winter League Stickers

1982 Topps Blackless
1982 All-Star Game Program Inserts
1982 Tastykake Philadelphia Phillies

1983 Ajax Dog Food
1983 Barry Colla Postcards
1983 Gaylord Perry Peanut Farm
1983 Mr. Z’s Pizza Milwaukee Brewers
1983 Starliner Stickers
1983 All-Star Game Program Inserts

1984 Ajax Dog Food
1984 Mr. Z’s Pizza Milwaukee Brewers
1984 Atlanta Braves Photocards (these are b&w)
1984 Cleveland Indians Photocards (these are b&w)
1984 Kansas City Royals Photocards (these are b&w)
1984 New York Yankees Photo Album
1984 Oakland Athletics Photocards (these are b&w)
1984 St. Louis Cardinals Photocards (these are b&w)
1984 All-Star Game Program Inserts

1985 Baltimore Orioles Health Postcards
1985 Cleveland Indians Polaroid
1985 Galasso Dwight Gooden Dr. K
1985 Jack Brickhouse Chicago Cubs Playing Cards
1985 JOX Thom McAn Discs
1985 Kitty Clover Discs
1985 Kondritz Invincible Vince Coleman
1985 New York Mets/Yankees Police
1985 Perez-Steele Great Moments Series 1
1985 Subway Sandwiches Discs
1985 Topps Mini (stat back)
1985 Topps Mini maroon ink)
1985 Topps Mini (white blank back)
1985 Wallich Enterprises San Diego Padres Postcards
1985 All-Star Game Program Inserts

1986 All-Star Game Program Inserts
1986 Big Apple Card Co. California All Stars
1986 Fritsch Negro League Baseball Stars
1986 Coca Cola Chicago White Sox
1986 Meadow Gold Blank Back
1986 Meadow Gold Milk Carton Sketches
1986 Meadow Gold Stat Back
1986 Pacific Northwest Bell Seattle Mariners Postcards
1986 Sports Design Detroit Tigers
1986 Sports Design Products JD McCarthy
1986 Sportsco The Incredible Boys from New York
1986 Sportsco The Living Legends
1986 Sports Illustrated Test Sticker (looking for just one)

1987 BDK Pan Am Team USA Blue
1987 BDK Pan Am Team USA Red
1987 Chicago Cubs David Berg
1987 Perez-Steele Great Moments Series 2
1987 Smokey Bear’s Fire Prevention Team American League
1987 Smokey Bear’s Fire Prevention Team National League
1987 Texas Rangers Fire Safety (Smokey Bear)

1988 Coca-Cola San Diego Padres
1988 Mother’s Cookies Will Clark
1988 Red Foley Stickers
1988 TTC Houston Show Set

1989 Bimbo Super Stars
1989 Dubuque Atlanta Braves
1989 Gardner’s Milwaukee Brewers
1989 Holsum Squares
1989 Pepsi Mark McGwire
1989 Rainer Farms Discs
1989 Rainer Farms Squares
1989 Starline 7-Eleven Promos
1989 Starline Burger King Promos
1989 Starline Coca-Cola Promos
1989 Starline Dominos Promos
1989 Starline McDonalds Promos
1989 Starline Promos
1989 Tastykake Philadelphia Phillies SGA
1989 Veryfine Pittsburgh Pirates
1989 Donruss All-Star Pop-Ups
1989 Topps Heads Up Test Issue
1989 Kenner Starting Lineups Baseball Greats

1983–89 Star Co. cards
1986-89 Fleer Wax Box Bottom Cards
1986-88 Fleer Star Stickers Wax Box Bottom Cards

1980s Minor League Cards
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