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My first memory of baseball was that of my mother screaming “NO! NO! NO!” at the television set. The date was October 2, 1978: AL East rivals Boston and New York are facing off in a one-game playoff for the American League East division crown. Her excited reaction was aimed at Bucky “Bleepin” Dent, who had just sent a ball soaring over the wall in left. The Yanks who were down 0-2 had just gone ahead 3-2. It would also be my introduction to the pain and suffering as a Red Sox fan that would endure till the magical season of 2004.

I’ve been a card collector since 1981—that I clearly remember. There’s a picture of me getting my first haircut, in what had to be 1974, in my hand are a couple 1974 Topps Baseball cards. Outside of my college years, I’ve never stopped being that kid. Over the years my collection has shifted focus many times. I collect for the love of collecting and not for the worth. I love the smell of vintage cardboard, the creases of well-loved legends, the tack holes from being displayed, and the writing of initials left by a kid identifying that a card was his at one point.

Over the years, I have connected with an incredible card-collecting community on Twitter. The trading, RAKs, and sharing of card history and information have been unmeasurable. These friends span the country from coast to coast, from North to South, and from all walks of life. This blog is a refresh of a previous endeavor and an avenue to connecting with other cardboard enthusiasts as well as my never-ending thirst for baseball history.

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