Red Sox Mail Day—1979 Tradin’ Card Butch Hobson

Finally over a couple of big work initiatives, but that hasn’t stopped me from picking up some rare, unusual or cool Red Sox cards lately. Just go check out my Twitter feed @ShaneKatz73. I’ll be sure to post some of these here in time. I still need to post at least four trades too!


But today, I give you a card I found when searching for something else, one that even fellow Red Sox collector @MarkHoyle hadn’t come across! The above front is something we’re going to call 1979 Tradin’ Card Butch Hobson.

This measures at a standard size baseball card and the weight and thickness is same as say, a regular 1979 Topps card. Supposedly, this was issued thru Topps Chewing Gum Subsidiary—Hadfield Enterprises. Further below is an image of the advertised card on back of 1979-80 Topps Hockey Team Sticker Insert Card. The card certainly smells as if it’s 35+ years old.

As far as the dealer and myself know,  they still are not cataloged. The long-time Boston-area dealer, Hall’s Nostalgia, believes that it’s possible about only 10 of each card exist. In other words, if you look at the ad on the back of the Topps Hockey Sticker card, these cards appear to be printed by mistake—or sort of some type of custom card maybe a kid sent to be printed with a photograph he took at a Red Sox game?


Flip side of the Hobson card notes it’s printed by Hadfield Enterprises.


Up close detail here, looks like some sort of laser jet printing.


Said back of a Topps Hockey Sticker insert promoting these Tradin’ Cards. Obviously, this was meant for a customized card of your son or daughter but clearly someone had other ideas.

The dealer recalls seeing about five different Red Sox and two or three different Yankee players in this set back in 1979. They had listed; the above Hobson, Jerry Remy, and Fred Lynn. When I gave Mark Hoyle a heads up, he grabbed the Remy.

In doing some other research for this post, I came across this tidbit from a Jerry Remy that sold in 2014:

… on the back on the 1979/80 Topps Hockey Team Logo Stickers there was an offer to send in your photo and have a card made up (I think the idea was that parents or kids would have little leaguers make up cards of themselves). I sent in a few actual players (I think Thurman Munson, Carl Yastrzemski, etc.) and to my surprise I got back my first order (they gave me twenty of each card). I then tried to send in more but was told they could not produce major league cards. I have NEVER seen any others! This Jerry Remy card is the only card I have left.

Or this other Butch Hobson card—my hockey sticker has the Hartford Whalers on the reverse, not the Bruins. There’s are a couple of replies to a post—and Greg (NightOwl) if you are reading, check out the Don Sutton Dodgers card in the thread!!

Does anyone else have any other information or seen others out there? I keep looking at this and want to say I have seen one in my travels, but can’t truly recall.

If any Red Sox collectors are out there, there’s the Fred Lynn left. Throw a $20 buck offer and you’ll probably get it for that. Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing if any other of these cards exist out there!

Shoebox Surprises


What a week!! It’s been one of those non-stop, work is crazy busy with tight deadlines, freelance is crazy with even more crazy deadlines, and some how, some way, I can’t seem to find a couple minutes to write. So without further blah, blah, blah, here’s a long over due post of a couple of packages Shane over at Shoebox Legends sent my way. The above and below Red Sox stash was package one ….


This shiny Pinnacles from 1994 will look good in my Sox oddball album. Nice fan fav Trot Nixon rookie! Mo Vaughn was one of my Sox guys from the 1990’s, very similar to David Ortiz except he made himself into a decent first baseman around the bag.


More rainbow and sparkle magic here. While I don’t collect these myself, I have enough to create another cool looking oddball page! I remember seeing that Victorino catch live on TV, pretty incredible and glad Topps captured the moment.


Who doesn’t love a little Kellogg’s action??!!! And it’s my boyhood idol to boot!


These two cards are what got me most excited as I have never seen or heard of this product whatsoever!! They are from a 2005 Topps product called Hot Button Baseball. 2005 Topps Hot Button Baseball is a 140-card set designed to played with a game unit. Two players would insert a pitcher and a hitter into the game unit, push a button, and the game unit would generate a result. All cards are printed on acetate and have rounded corners.

I always liked Cabrera and was glad he was traded to the Sox, just wished they had kept him. He always seems to be having so much fun out there and was a great competitor. Thank you for these Shane, they are in the oddball album for sure!


Here is the back side … and here is an image I tracked down on the actual unit you insert the cards into. Very cool!! Not sure how well the game played — anyone out there know or have other Red Sox cards??





Above is the second package Shane sent, this one just over a week or so ago. He knew I was putting together the 2004 Bowman Heritage set and boy did he help out!!! Above is the two large stacks he sent. The Heritage set plays homage to the classic 1955 Bowman set — of which I am also trying to put together. Something about the old TV design pulls at me.


I pulled some of my favorites, minus the Ichiro, I feel the rest capture the essence that was the original Bowman set.


Also included in the 2004 edition, were cards that were issued in 1955. I believe this was Ralph Kiner’s last card too,


Also in this set were umpires, a first for the Heritage line and again, taken from the original. When these came out, I actually bought a couple of packs and pulled and a Dale Scott autograph! Thank you again for two great trade packages!!!!!

If you have any of these 2004 or 1955 Bowman’s, I have a wants list here.


Should be a good weekend coming up! I just photographed two great trade packages that I need to write up, plus finish another trade post from last week. I also plan on hitting one, if not two LCS’s and headed to the Mansfield card show on Monday, the 20th. I believe I will be catching up with the great Mark Hoyle once again and this time I have some cards for him. Okay, time to crack a beer and take a load off —thank you for reading and happy card adventures to all of you this long weekend.