The Topps Binder Project

Introducing the Topps Binder Project.

In my previous post below, I love themes when flipping and sorting through cards. While I am working a couple Topps vintage sets and Topps sets from the 1980s, I struggle with what to do with all my other vintage cardboard. This project stems from a similar project that another collector on Twitter @_gritz_ has been working on. If you like these pages, I guarantee you’ll enjoy his as well.

I will be using Topps baseball cards and any Topps oddball cards that used a grey cardboard stock. This includes Drakes, Burger King issues from the late 1970s, 1978 Zest Soap, box bottom cards and so on. I will make exceptions for traded sets from 1983–1991 as those where issued during this cardboard era. Many themes will be obvious, others might take some thinking. Some days I see posting a couple of pages a day, some days maybe just one. Condition doesn’t matter and will welcome trades. I’ll post a want list in the menu as well.

I look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and comments as this project will continue to evolve with cards being added as well as possibly being stricken from the binder.

With that, here is page one of The Topps Binder Project.

Favorite card: 1957 Ted Williams

Card(s) I would like to add: 1961 Dick Groat, 1962 Roger Maris, or 1966 Willie Mays

Card likely to drop out: 1975 Hank Aaron Highlights (already have the ’74 on page)

Number of HOFers on page: Six

Number of Red Sox Alumni: Three

and for those trying to guess the theme …

Page theme: Just like building a set, page one of the binder has to be all number 1 cards.

Last man standing

In the season finale doubleheader in Philadelphia, Ted Williams goes 6-for-8 and raises his batting average to .406 for the year. Williams also ended the season with an amazing on-base percentage of .553. That would stand as the highest mark until Barry Bonds topped that in 2002 (.582) and then again in 2004 (.609). Teddy Ballgame still holds the career mark for on-base percentage at .481.

2014 Panini National Treasures “Legends” #17 Ted Williams


This was another beautiful relic booklet I picked up earlier this summer. It’s nice to see a different shot of Ted, unlike Topps who can’t help themselves by using the same photography every year. The layout works too in that you don’t miss not see any team logos.

That .406 mark still stands as the last time a major leaguer has topped .400 for a season. It was also the first time since 1930 when New York Giants’ Bill Terry (.401) eclipsed that mark. The last American Leaguer — Detroit’s Harry Heilmann in 1923 with a .403 average.