The Trade — That Finally Happened

Serious, I think this trade started three plus years ago when I was at my old Blogger Off the Wall site. Scott over at I need new hobbies and I rekindled this deal this winter as I got back to blogging here on the WordPress site and thank God he did. You can see what I sent him here on his site.


I’m going to break this into two sections as there were a boatload of cards. I think the USPS transported close to ten pounds of cards between the two of us. The above image captures all the non-Red Sox cards and as you can see, there’s quite a mix going on here.


Leading off — some vintage sets needs. Another card for my in progress 1955 Bowman set (Shuba), five 1968 Topps and two more cards for my birth year (’73) set.


As you can see, Scott was able to help my complete this page of All-Star awesomeness thanks to Orlanado Cepeda and Brooks Robinson. Just like the newly released 2017 Topps Heritage, these All-Star cards look sharp.


Angel Mangual’s 1973 Topps help complete this great page featuring the last card of Denny McLain and the 70’s card classic of Luis Alvarado. We got lamb chops, airbrushed trades, and spring training shots featuring classic muscle cars!


Moving down the timeline, a bunch of Fleer Star Stickers, top row is from 1981 while the bottom row are from 1986. Gotta think Night Owl has to find that ’81 night shot of Eddie Murray at Yankee Stadium. Often I find the photographs on the star stickers better than the shot they chose for the flagship issue.


Some more 80’s Fleer magic here in the form of the hard to find All-Stars of Brett and Tudor to the box set craziness that hit the junk wax era like a plague. Scott also found me another Starting Lineup card too.


Foodies eat your heart out! 70’s Hostess and Kellogg’s, 80’s Drakes and Ralston Purina Cereal, and a Mother’s Cookie card I freed from a cracked PSA case. Love the food issues! It’s about time I updated these lists too.


Next up, some cool Heritage insert cards. Big fan of the “Then & Now” inserts that have been in this product line.


And now we reach the second portion of the trade package — the Red Sox haul!! While I can’t show everything, there were a boat load in these stacks that I had never seen before. This is why trades are full of surprises … there is so much out there that no one can possibly buy everything, so it’s great when brands you never buy, show up in trades.


Highlighting some cards here I found cool. The 1992 Score insert set of Yaz is a great get! I’ve seen many times but never picked one up for myself. Love the 1974 Topps Fisk and those horizontal shot common in the ’73 & ’74 Topps sets. The Rice rookie is trimmed according to Scott — doesn’t matter to me — works fine for my Rice pages.


Next up where probably the favorites in the entire box as I don’t have either line. The Bill Monbouquette is from the 1966 Topps Rub Offs set. This cool issue measures 2-1/6” by 3”and featured 100 players and 20 team pennants. They were printed in rolls of 20 and are unnumbered. The 1966 Topps Rub-Offs are often mis-cut, resulting in bad centering.

The two black and white cards of Lee Stange and Jose Tartabull come from the 1969 Milton Bradley Set. Very cool cards Scott!!


Next, some Nomahs … these were some of my favorites. The bottom row are cards I have never come across, especially the Pacific “stamp” die cut and the Topps Metal card.


And to close, one of my favorite all time Red Sox, Pedro Martinez. Scott culled a great assortment here but I have one question in regards to the two 2000 Pacific card at top left and center. Both llok like they are from the same set, the backs are identical as is the card number … but is it a variation or something?

Thank you again Scott — pretty crazy that this took so long but that was one hellava trade we pulled off. A LOT OF CARDS crossed paths and a lot a needs were crossed off.


So in between finally writing this post, working from home, and watching the snow fall outside, I’m working on eight trade packages that should go out in the mail before the weekend. Great stuff going all over the place.


Speaking of trades and want lists, I added some items to Wants/Red Sox including post cards (don’t have to be signed), yearbooks, and programs. Really, anything that is a flat item and would fit in a 8 x 10″ or 8-1/2 x 11″ sheet in an album. Also looking for cards of some Red Sox players that for some reason I liked but maybe weren’t stars. So if you can help, please hit me up and let’s work out a deal. Thank you for reading and stay safe and warm out there fellow readers in the middle of this Winter Storm Stella.

Sox Madness from Cardboard Hogs


Today’s trade post comes from Ken over at Cardboard Hogs. This package was loaded with Sox cards and probably ranks in my top three Red Sox packages that I’ve received! With that, lets jump in (and into Spring as it’ll be 65 degrees in the metro Boston area today!)…


Leading off, some Sox vintage including a 1966 buyback. The 1968 Topps George Scott will go into my ’68 Topps set album as I’m positive this was is in much better condition!


Next up, some of my Sox favorites that I am putting pages together of. The 2017 Moncada card is perfect in that this card crosses his name off of my All-Time Red Sox collection. I absolutely love the shot of a diving Mookie on that Stadium Club!!


Here’s another card to cross off for the All-Time Collection — Andrew Benintendi! Two needs right off the bat — thanks Ken!!! The rest of the grouping is some Heritage Chrome madness and a mini Bowman Chrome of the Rafeal Devers, the third baseman of the future. I haven’t bought a Bowman pack in probably six years so I had no idea they did minis — pretty sweet!


Next up, Big Papi and LOOK!!! It’s a 2015 Topps Heritage Action variation card short print!!! This package just keeps getting better …


Sox relics!!!! I thought people had sent all the cool stuff to Mark Hoyle, Shane at Shoebox Legends, and the Sox Fan in Nebraska. Thanks Ken!!! As I have mentioned in the past, I love the Heritage relics that it’s great to land three here. This is my first auto of Matt Barnes, so that’s pretty cool. The Gold Pedroia I have never seen before but it’s pretty damn cool — and heavy.


Following all those awesome Red Sox cards was how this trade first came about. Ken was working on a couple of Heritage sets of his ow and I was able to fill a number of short prints and he was able to do the same.

Well boy did Ken do that! I have been working on the 2014 Topps Heritage set, but haven’t filled a need for this in easily a year. I have all the base (I believe) but of course it’s the short prints I need. With this trade, I was able to cross off 16 short prints. The really awesome thing is, the three above — Cabrera, Darvish, and Verlander (I love you Kate Upton) are of the action photo variations!!!


Here is the rest of the 2014 Heritage short prints in the package. One of these days I ‘ll complete this. With the show I just attended, I was able to cross off another of these SPs in Nolan Arenado. Not bad, 17 SPs crossed off in a span of three days.


And to wrap up all this awesomeness, I also received a partial set of 1988 Topps United Kingdom Mini set for my 1980s album. The UK Minis is an 88-card “American Baseball” set released exclusively to the British market. Each card measures 2 1/8″ X 3″, or about the size of a 1975 Topps mini.

Man, awesome, awesome trade package Ken — I hope you were just as happy with you as I was with this one — really hope we can do it again down the road! On that note, time to step outside and soak up some sun while it’s nice out. Thank you for reading kids!

Oddball Mania with Collating Cards


Ahh it almost feels like Spring here in New England, and with that, the first Grapefruit games will be on TV and radio this coming weekend. Today’s post is one I received last week from Steve at Collating Cards! I had sent him a bunch of cards for his various set needs and the above is what came back my way. He is one of several great trade partners I have connected with via Twitter.


Now I preface this post with I AM A RED SOX FAN, just want to be clear as many of these cards are Braves. And while they may be a bunch of Braves cards here in the package, they all hit my various wants right now which is fine with me! The above are a variety of Topps Heritage Relics. Plain and simple — I love the Heritage line for the look and feel, the photography, the inserts, box loader, sample panels … everything. And while the Heritage products are a bitch to put a set together, it’s not stopping me from putting together an album of my favorite cards from the line (2001 – present). My two favorites from this lot are the 1962 Carlos Santana as the only other relic from this year I have is Ichiro. The other is the Julio Teheran as that is from a retro flannel-like jersey.


Next up, the first of many Topps archives inserts and one Topps Lineage Hank Aaron “1964 Stand Up.” I love the original Stand Up set and this is my first from the Lineage product. I like the Tall Ball of Otis Nixon as well, since that is my first of this insert too.


Next up, more inserts from both the Archives and Lineage in the form of “1969 Deckle Edge.” I have a feeling the 1968 Topps Game card will get more run a couple weeks from now when the 2017 Topps Heritage (1968 burlaps) rolls out.


The last group of Topps Archives inserts … “1977 Cloth Stickers.” I went from having a couple cards to now two pages worth.


One item that Steve mention in our Twitter messages were these Nomar Garciaparra Twizzlers cards. Heck, they’re still in their wrappers! These cards were produced by Upper Deck in 2002 and somehow I never saw them in stores around here in Red Sox Nation. These are the two Nomah cards in the set, that also consists of other sports stars like Alonzo Mourning, Kevin Harvick, Donavan McNabb, and Garciaparra’s wife — Mia Hamm. Another great item for my Sox oddball album!


Breakfast!!! Kellogg’s style with Bob Horner (1982, 1981, 1983). Only my second 1982 Kellogg’s card too.


More 80s oddball goodies here! From the top, 1986 True Value cards of Seaver and Yount, 1989 MSA Weis Winners of Canseco and McGwire, and a 1981 MSA Peter Pan Sunbeam Bakery Horner disc. These three discs are my firsts for either series — great oddballs Steve!


Other 80s cards included these 1985 Topps Send-Away Glossies …


… and these 1988 Topps Glossy All-Stars found in rack packs …


… and to close out, a near set of 1989 Topps Glossy Rookies that were found in jumbo cello packs.


And to close out this great trade package, we have a handful of Topps the Magazine insert cards and a Ted Williams “1953 Topps” from a 1983 issue of Baseball Cards magazine. This is a card I had as a kid but along the way got lost, thrown out, or traded away. Now, I have a copy once again!

Thank you again Steve for a great traded package!! Let’s do it again down the road.

A Huge Sox Haul


So just last week as I was trying to find some “me” time, I decided to go online and just take a look at some eBay auctions I had on my watch list. So adding one card to the cart turned into (for the moment as I have others enroute) FIFTY-TWO Red Sox I needed for my All Time Sox Collection!!! It certainly helped that I had just landed an eBay gift card via a work Yankee Swap. This grouping came from four different sellers, all at free shipping to boot! So as it snowing outside right now here in New England, let’s dive into the spree and realize there are ONLY 46 days left till Spring Training!!!


First up, a number of Conlon Collection cards I needed in which this is their only card for some guys. In some cases, guys like Roy Johnson have other cards (1933 Goudey), but haven’t found a collector grade I was happy with for my budget. Hence, a 99 cent Conlon will cross off his name nicely. Hard to picture a Red Sox uniform from the bygone days without the classic navy cap and red “B.”. No, in the 1920s and early 30’s the had white caps and donned pinstripes.


And even more Conlons! Thank God for these sets as they certainly help team collectors fill in the gaps when they weren’t many trading card sets produced. It helps that he captured a lot of lesser known players too! I’ve always loved the black and white photography captured in the Conlon Series.


Next up, a big ‘ol batch of Red Sox from a little known set called 1972 The Yawkey Red Sox. This set captured Red Sox players from the 1930s and feature black and white photos on a bronze/brown background. This is an issue you don’t see too often.


The backs have a short write up and call to help the longtime Red Sox charity, The Jimmy Fund. There are 45 unnumbered cards in the set, and again for many of the ballplayers, this is their only card appearance. These measure out at a standard card size.


Miscellaneous Sox, Top Row:
• 1979 Early Red Sox Favorites Set; Wilcey Moore, John Gooch
• 1987 Conlon Collection; Ike Boone

Miscellaneous Sox, Bottom Row:
• 1979 Diamond Greats; Buster Mills
• 1978 Grand Slam; Smead Jolley
• 1985 Big League Collectibles/1930-39 National Pastime; Hennie Manush

The 1979 Early Red Sox Favorites Set is a collectors issue from Maine. Measuring slightly larger than a standard sized card, this black and white set highlights some of the Sox from the 1920s – 30s.

The bottom row are new issues for me. I have seen the Manush before but stumbled upon the Mills and Jolley so I quickly grabbed those. Jolley is on a 1934 Orbit Tattoo but I never see it around.


And more Sox I have been trying to track down.

Miscellaneous Sox, Top Row:
• 1979 TCMA Baseball History Series the 1950’s; Chuck Stobbs
• 1978 Boston Globe Boston Red Sox of the 1950s; Bobby Avila
• 1981/82 Boston Globe Boston Red Sox of the 1950s; Eddie Kasko

Although Chuck Stobbs played parts of five seasons with Boston, this is his only card in a Sox uni. He would go 33-23 in a 102 games pitched while carrying an earn run average of 4.70.

A three-time All-Star, Bobby Avila wrapped up a ten year career with three teams in 1959. The Red Sox were the second of three and he lasted precisely two months in the hub, while getting into 22 games. We would hit .244 while three of his eleven hits would leave the yard.

Miscellaneous Sox, Bottom Row:
• 1983 Topps “1952 Topps Reprint Set”; Archie Wilson
• 1970 Topps: Tom Matchick

I had been looking for the 1952 Wilson for a bit. See he sits at card number 327, which is a high number and a short print. There’s one specimen on eBay right now, a PSA 8 that someone is asking for $5300.00 plus!!!! A PSA 7.5 from Dean’s Cards will set you back nearly a grand. The lowest priced one, an ungraded, F-GD for about a hundred bucks. Because of all that, you never see the reprint version come up often so I grabbed that as fast as I could. A couple bucks beats $100 any day right now. Also a high number, but easier to find is the 1970 Matchick. He was picked up by the Sox in December of 1969 from the Tigers for Dalton Jones. Matchick would only last 10 games in Boston logging one hit in fourteen official at bats.


And to close things out, some more current Red Sox needs. This is my first of the more recent Topps Stadium Club issues, they remind me of a glossy version of the 1996/1997 Fleer Baseball sets. As a Sox fan, it’ll be interesting to see if Sandy Leon can hang onto the starting gig behind the plate going into 2017. Coming into 2016, the BoSox thought they had two top catching prospects in Blake Swihart and Christian Vazquez to handle the duties, but it was Leon who took over after injuries hit and batted a .310 clip while slugging .476. I’ve always liked Chris Young, but he never became the star many thought he’d become.

Fifty-two new Sox cards — a nice way to make a dent into my All-Time Collection. I should have some more to show off next week, including some pre-war card from an issue I do not possess yet.