Well Worth the Wait


So way, way back in the Summer of 2012, when I was busting a new box of Allen & Ginter, I was pretty happy to pull this relic card of a local celebrity of sorts. Keegan, a New England native, was the new, rising star on the PGA Tour and could hit it a ton. Since then he’s played well but hasn’t captured a Major since the 2011 PGA Championship.

Fast forward a couple of months and you can see from my writing on the card above, this relic was to have shipped that November. Nothing came. And so every couple of months, I would check back and the card was in a constant, some sort of “pending” state.

So recently, the Topps Twitter account had given someone a customer service number to call regarding an overdue redemption and armed with this information, I called them a couple weeks ago. They were great and taking my info and said they could send out a replacement. I did ask them, since it was almost FIVE YEARS overdue, if they could send something Red Sox or at the least baseball orientated. The rep put it in the redemption notes and would see what they could do.


Fast-forward to yesterday and the above and below showed up in my mailbox!!! This awesome, tri-color patch relic of Big Papi is from the 2015 Topps Tribute line, numbered 23 of 25!!! Sweet Christmas in February!!!! This more than beats a Keegan Bradley swatch of spandex-like golf shirt. Looking at the swatch, I can tell it’s from the Sox road blue jerseys that carry the red numbers with white stitching.


Here is a look at the back of the card. Even my son and wife were impressed when they saw the card! Along with this card, and a note apologizing for the lengthy delay, they also included this card below …


… a game-used relic of Javier Baez, numbered 231 of 399, from the 2016 Topps Tier One line. I have a feeling I know where this card is going to ….

I gotta say, five years was worth the wait and kudos to the Topps Customer Service team for taking the time to listen to me and help out a loyal customer! Thanks Topps!


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