Another LCS Haul

Just a quick shot of today’s haul …


Lotta goodness in here and these are stacked fairly high, especially the two Red Sox piles. All for just over the cost of a 2017 Topps Hanger Box!! Tony Burbs, those Cubbies top row are for you. Anyone need the 2013 Heritage SPs — I grabbed a Price and Puig.


5 thoughts on “Another LCS Haul”

    1. It sure was!!! And I only went through three 3200/4800 count boxes. Guy has a bunch of others but I had to run. Might also pick up a 1981 Topps Sticker album and box of stickers–probably only cost maybe $5?

      All these cards were a nickel apiece, aside from the four ’68 Topps and 74 Traded Marichal–I gave him $5 for those five cards. Need to make it a frequent trip on way home from work.


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