Crossing of a huge set need!

1959 Topps #514 Bob Gibson (PSA 3)

Finally! I had missed out a handful of times recently trying to land this card. In the end, I figured I had a good chance at getting this one as it has a significant miscut along the right edge of the card. However, unlike many ’59 Gibsons’ I had seen in worse condition and more money, this had a strong, vibrant color on the frontside. No scuff marks here or printing blemishes. For my set needs, this was perfect as it was the last big money card (aside from the Mickey Mantle All-Star card) that I needed.

In 1959, a young Bob Gibson was still feeling his way on the mound. He still walked too many batters and really didn’t take off until his All-Star season in 1962. Gibson would go 3-5 in thirteen games — nine of those starts — and compile a 3.33 earn run average. In those nearly 76 innings, he gave up 77 hits, 39 free passes while striking out 48 batters. His WHIP in his first three seasons in the bigs: 1.53, 1.67, 1.44.

It’s too bad that Bob wasn’t able to complete my page. Missing from are cards of Harmon Killebrew (515), Mike Cuellar’s RC (518), and Gary Geiger (521). If you have one of these, maybe we can work out a trade? Hit me up and lets talk!

8 thoughts on “Crossing of a huge set need!”

  1. Centering doesn’t bother me nearly as much as surface problems either. Of course, I’d probably still accept a card that looked like it went through a meat grinder if it met a need in my collection. Anyway, nice get!


  2. Sweet! Talk about a huge notch in your belt towards the ’59 set. I’m definitely envious of this one, awesome pick-up!


      1. It’s going well actually! That huge lot you laid on me really motivated me to get it going. Picked up a bunch off of COMC on Black Friday weekend, including a couple of HOFers that I just need to find the time to post about. Continuing to work on that set is definitely one of my top 10 goals for 2017 here!


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