Trade with Swing and a Pop-Up


So a while back I had sent Bert over at Swing and a Pop-Up a trade package and had actually forgotten one might be headed back my way. So I was pretty surprised when I got home to find a USPS Priority box sitting on the counter a couple weeks back. Bert hit a home run as he hit on a number of needs so let’s dive in.


First in the stash were some nice vintage BoSox cards. I love the ’58 Topps Jensen as it’ll pair well with his All-Star card from the same year that I have. The 1959 Wall is an upgrade to one I have in my 1959 Topps set that I have been writing about.


Next we have a TCMA issue from 1979 showcasing many Sox from the 1950s. A couple of these might replace cards I have in my All-Time Sox album. Some pretty cool photos on these as they mimic the 1953 Bowman Color Set. I actually had a couple of these some 30 plus years ago when I was a kid. I remember getting them along with other similar cards (which I still have) from a Scholastic Books order that used to have baseball card kits. Sadly, over the last couple of years, they are no longer found on my kids Scholastic forms.


Next up at the plate, some more TCMA cards, this time from a set showing Sox from the the 1960s. Again, some of these photos are better than their Topps counterparts so there might be some shuffling in the album.


Bert hit on some oddball Red Sox here with these 1980s box set beauties and more. As a kid, I loved (and still do) that 1982 Topps KMart MVPs boxed set. It was a great introduction to different Topps card designs through the years for a then, 9-year old kid. I love that 1989 Fleer box card of the Gator!!


Next up, some well loved–yet still cool 1979 Hostess cards. Outside of a couple of Red Sox, these are my first Hostess cards from this year. There’s a great mix in this lot! Barrios threw a combined no-no with John Blue Moon Odom in 1976. We have both MVP Winners from 1974 in Burroughs and Garvey. Mazzilli was an All-Star, Schmidt was on his way to becoming the best third baseman of all-time, and Tenace was a hero on those great A’s teams.


One thing I miss from my childhood??!! RACK PACKS!! These 1986 Topps Glossy All-Stars came from those wonderful packs you could find in mall toy stores across the country. There are 22 cards to the set, 11 from the American League and 11 from the National side. This puts a nice dent in the American League team!


And more rack pack inserts, these from the Senior Circuit. I remember dashing over to the big bin these were often found, trying to find any cellophane wrapped rack pack with a Red Sox player showing, preferably one with Jim Rice.

In addition to the showcased cards, Bert sent along a bunch of 1984 and 1986 Topps I needed for those two sets I close to completing.

Thanks again Bert, it was worth the wait–you didn’t just hit a pop-up, you hit a homer with this package! Hope we can do it again soon.



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