My Best Card of 2016

I was hoping to do an end of the year post of best card, best card pulled from a pack etc., etc. … but was working all last week covering three other designers work as well as my own. I just needed this weekend to unplug and hit the refresh button. However, there is one card I will share as my best card of 2016 as well as best card I own period.



1909-11 American Caramel E90-1 Cy Young

mic drop ….


Young only appears on a few issues as a Red Sox during his playing days with them. This card and the 1904 Fan Craze are the two you might see here and there on eBay or Auction Houses. I had been eyeing a PSA 1 Fan Craze as well as a PSA 1 and PSA Authentic  versions of the E90-1 below. All three did not have the same eye appeal as this specimen.

Back in April, I had joined a site I had browsed many times looking to find images of Sox players that eluded me or to find information in general about Pre-War cards. forums site is a great resource for anything Pre-War, especially if you’re trying to make sure you’re not buying a fake or altered card. After posting about trying to find a Cy Young and Jimmy Collins card as a Red Sox, one long-time member messaged me that he had a Cy Young. A couple of emails back and forth, and with some money I had set aside for such a purchase, I landed one of my white whales!


Issued from 1909 to 1911, the American Caramel E90-1 set consists of 120 cards, each 1-1/2” by 2-3/4”. Each colorized card shows an artistic rendering of the athlete with his name, position and team denoted in a white border area at the bottom of each card.

The color you see above is the real deal, nothing done in Photoshop accept just cropping and resizing. I shot this close up to show the details better — an absolute beauty of a card that is nearly 110 years old. Sure the corners are beat and there’s some surface creasing, but landing one of your white whales is truly rewarding.


In 1901, with the addition of the American League to Major League Baseball, Cy joined the fledgling Boston team and proceeded to lead the AL in wins (33), ERA (1.62) and strikeouts (158), capturing what would later be called the pitching “Triple Crown,” while he also led the league in shutouts. Young led the AL in wins for three straight years with 33 in 1901, 32 in 1902 and 28 in 1903 and led Boston to the American League pennant in 1903 and the inaugural World Series. As the Game 1 starter of the 1903 World Series, Cy Young threw the very first pitch in World Series history. Though he eventually lost that game, Boston defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates five games to three to win the first World Series championship.

Denton True Young.


Hall of Famer.


Last night I took some time to begin crafting and dropping in images for several upcoming posts this week. I have a new custom Red Sox card of a player who only appeared in ten major league games. Also coming in the next couple of days, two overdue trade packages as well as a surprise mail day from about a month ago. AND I should have a nice mail today today or tomorrow according to the U.S. Postal Service.


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