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So a couple of other local traders (Mark Hoyle and Shane from Shoebox Legends) had dropped me a note that I should check out this LSC in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I had been meaning to get over there for a couple of months now, as it’s only about 20 or so minutes from where I work.

Well this past Saturday on the return trip from a soccer game, I was able to stop into Central Sports Cards where John, the owner hooked me up with some set needs.

In all, I was able to cross off twenty-five, 1965 Tops cards bringing me down to just over 100 cards left to track down. I think the last couple of money cards might the Yaz and Bob Gibson. The LSC did have another dozen plus high series I need, so I will be venturing back soon.


Some minor stars of the 1960s — a group that was made 15 All-Star appearances, a couple of batting titles, and some near MVP Awards during their careers.


Among this grouping, the name Sterling Slaughter had me on some many levels. First, what a great name, second, the kid looks barely old enough to drive, and lastly, he almost looked like he belong on a card from present day, not 1965. With that, let’s see Mr. Slaughter was … Sterling Feore Slaughter, a right-hander stood at 5’11” and weighed 165 pounds according to Sterling would pitch in the Majors for one season, 1964, where he went 2-4 with a 5.75 ERA as a swing-man starting six of the twenty games he took the hill. The 32 walks and 64 hits allowed in 51-plus innings certainly does not warrant a return trip to the bigs. He has been written up on a couple of blogs so I won’t rehash too much. Just one of those cards that makes you learn more about this great game.


Some rookie stars including ChiSox favorite, Ken Berry who earned a couple of Gold Gloves during his career. Pat Corrales would lead the Philadelphia Phillies to the 1983 World Series, only to be bested by the Orioles four games to one. And even though he didn’t make a post-season appearance, Al Ferrara can say he was part of three Dodger World Series teams (1963, 65, 66).


And to close out the ’65’s, a couple of nice team cards.


Next up, were some Red Sox I needed for my All-Time album. I didn’t have much time left as I raced through a couple of Red Sox boxes, but did manage to find these four I needed. I have a graded 1940 Play Ball of Foxx, but that’s in a separate graded Sox box as is my graded Smokey Joe Wood that I highlights a couple of months ago. Harry Agganis was a local legend, and his 1955 Topps commands a good chunk of money, so grabbing this for a quarter was fine with me.


Next, more Sox that will find out pages of favorite Sox players. The Grove will go in the All-Time album.


And to close, some oddball Starting Lineup cards! Can’t say I’ve ever seen the Jody Reed or Gator before, so I’ll throw into my oddball Sox album.

All-in-all, a very successful trip, and one I need to revisit for several hours. There’s certainly a lot of boxes that I didn’t get a chance to go through and who knows, maybe I’ll meet up with Mark or Shane there one day. Thanks again for the great tip guys!

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  1. Glad you made it in, John is an awesome guy. Super jealous that you scooped up those Starting Lineup Sox, nice haul!


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