A Whole Lotta Stuff in the Shoebox


A couple years ago when I was blogging over on my Blogger page, I had remembered reading the Shoebox Legends blog often. I’m not why I never reached out to trade, probably as both of us are Red Sox collectors, maybe I felt we wouldn’t be a match.

Fast forward two plus years, and through a trade with the great Mark Hoyle, he said I should reach out to Shane at the aforementioned Shoebox Legends. He said he was a great guy and trade partner and also lived in the area.

As noted on Shane’s great blog last week, I sent him a bunch of 59 Topps for his set that he is working on and this week I received the above package so lets dig in.


First up in the package was some vintage: two 1959 Topps, two 1965 Topps, one of which completed a page and nice Pete Rose/George Foster NLCS Playoff card.


Some awesome vintage Kellogg’s cards: 1970 Ray Culp, and 1972 versions of Joe Coleman and Bill Parsons. These cards are in great condition with no cracks! I already have a Willie Mays and Tony Perez from the 1972 set.


A little retro vintage sampling here from the 2012 Topps Archives set. These are my first insert cards from this set.


And finally some Red Sox cards including the signed Clay Buchholz card. I don’t have an autographed card of Clay so that will go into my Sox odd ball album. I didn’t do any individual scans, but you can see in the first image a boatload of 1984 Topps flagship. Shane easily cleared what seemed half to two-thirds of my needs list for this set.

Thank you again for the trade Shane and I’m sure we’ll trade again down the road. Speaking of down the road, I’ll have to meet up with you and Mark Hoyle the next time you’re in Providence!!

5 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Stuff in the Shoebox”

  1. Glad the cards were a fit, still working on part 2! Not gonna make the Shriner’s show unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing what gems you and Mark unearth!


    1. What’s great at this type of show, it’s one of the biggest on the east coast spanning three days, and you get dealers from all over. The Play Ball, Bowman Sox cards and a good batch of my 59 and 65 Topps came from a dealer from North Carolina called Uncle Dick’s. He doesn’t do eBay and I thinks runs out of his home, but his main service is helping collectors build sets. This guy had commons and stars from all sports and from the 40’s to I think 1979. I think I was at his table for almost two hours alone!


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