A Great LSC Haul

This weekend was pretty damn good! The weather here in New England was perfect, just mild enough to bring shorts back. The Pats and my fantasy team romped and a visit to the LSC proved to be one hell of a trip.

All in all, I landed:

  • 1959 Topps: 20 cards including six Red Sox. He had a Banks All-Star but wasn’t going to go $42
  • 1965 Topps: 5 cards
  • 1973 Topps: I wished I had counted, but I knocked off over 200 plus off my want list. Knocking off card #1 is always great, especially when it boasts three incredible, all-time players! And one of my favorites in my haul has to be the horizontal World Series card of Johnny Bench with Blue Moon Odom being more like Dead Moon.
  • 1973 Topps Team Checklists: Landed another 17 cards here and he tossed those in for free!

I guess there are some rumors he might be closing and just doing eBay. My guess he sticks around through the holidays. It would be a shame as his prices are great, he takes time to dig around to find more cards for you to go through, and is great to the kids. We’ll see happens, worst case, I’ll have to venture to RI.

I did manage to complete another 1959 Topps page as well as a handful of 1973 Topps pages. I’ll try to post a couple of those in the coming week. Also had a nice eBay mail day on Friday in which I landed four 1959 Topps HoFers and a couple of other cards so stayed tuned. Also have a couple of sweet Red Sox finds to post too—man, looking as my images, I have quite a bit of work to do posting wise.

And yet more work to do… I’ll be posting my wants for my 2008 Topps Heritage (1959) and 2014 Topps Heritage (1965) sets. Figure it would be nice to have the original sets next to the Heritage ones. Which means I’ll be collecting the burlap beauties in Heritage’s next installment. I just to need to get my new blog back onto JayBee’s Sportscard Blog Roll so my trading can pick up again. Thank you for reading and please drop me a line if you want to trade!


2 thoughts on “A Great LSC Haul”

  1. Here’s hoping your shop doesn’t close – lord knows there’s already too few of them. Judging by the haul you’ve showed off here and what you’ve described of the place, it must be a pretty nice place to spend some time.


  2. Yah it’s a great place to kill time, a lot of vintage and often has boxes he’s bought that he lets you go through before he even prices stuff out. Gotta get back soon as he’s got stacks of stuff behind the counter. Might find some oddball Red Sox stuff too that Mark Hoyle has.


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