Joy of a Completed Page


1959 Topps Numbers 361-369

So I finally had a couple of hours to clear the doubles, rub away wax residue, sheet, and admire my new set quest. I managed to have one completed page out of the 340 plus/minus cards I now have, with maybe another six or so pages missing a single card. 

Out of this page, Bobby Avila and Gus Bell had the best careers with seven all-star selections between them. My favorite card out of the nine would be Humberto Robinson. Those Braves wool uniforms were pretty sweet, add the bright yellow backdrop and classic pitching pose and you have a great looking card! Over a five year career, Robinson was 8-13 with a 3.25 ERA while pitching in 108 games. Although pictured a Milwaukee Brave, he actually pitched for Cleveland and Philadelphia in 1959.

I’ll post some other favorites I came across as I was putting this set in sheets. There are a number of cards from this lot that look like they just came out of a freshly opened pack. Including a number of high numbers!!

You can find a want list up under the  Wants/Topps Sets and if you too are collecting the ’59 set, I’ve got maybe hundred plus doubles looking to find homes. Drop me a line.


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