About to Welcome Some Friends


Above is a handful of 1959 Topps I have accumulated over the last couple of years. If I see a great deal on eBay or at the LSC, I’m always game to pick up some off-conditioned vintage. And with that, headed my way shortly are another 330 members of the 1959 porthole family!

Back in 1988 as a kid working in the LCS, I almost bought a partial 1959 Topps set. The owner let me take it home and look through. In the end though, I felt I didn’t have the money to make it work and it was missing many superstar cards

I have’t tried building a 1950’s set to date, but having some of the superstars helps me decide on the 1959 set. Having the Mantle card in hand, the biggest money card all set. Add the 35 high numbers coming in the lot, that helps cut some bigger dollar cards as well. The Bob Gibson rookie is the highest dollar card I’ll need to trade down as right now.

I have built a few vintage sets this way a couple of times. I find a great deal on a partial set that I just can’t pass up. I have done this a couple of times already with the 1965, 1968, 1971, and 1975 Topps sets. The latter two are complete. I have all the big cards in the ’65 and the Ryan and Bench rookies in the burlap beauties.

Those who may be collecting this set as well, there were about 120 doubles in the lot so let’s see if we can trade. I also will post more trade bait — would love to trade my 1958 Yogi Berra for a 1959 one for example. So stay tuned on a new want list and more vintage trade bait.


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    1. Thanks Mark–looking forward to it myself. Should arrive tomorrow although already kicking myself that I didn’t pull trigger on a Koufax that was cheap but had some Yaz rookie like black ink marks.


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