Stand up, stand out

Here’s another purchase that is fairly recent and there’s something about these 1964 Topps Stand-Ups that I love. While the only image is of silhouetted player on top of the yellow and green backdrop, the colors just pop like a sunshine filled, afternoon at the ballpark.

1964 Topps Stand-Up Frank Malzone

Thirty years after a similar issue, 1934-36 Batter-Up, these blank-backed cards follow the standard-sized (2 1/2″ by 3 1/2″) and where sold in both one cent and five cent packs. Only 77 cards man the checklist, and due to the distinctive look, as well as player selection, these cards are still fairly popular today.

I picked up the Frank Malzone, because A.) the Carl Yastrzemski is a short print that even ungraded, goes for more than what my budget allows, B.) the Dick Stuart is a short print as well and Dr. Strangeglove is pictured sporting a Pittsburgh Pirates jersey with a Boston “B” airbrushed onto his cap.

Malzone was a decent player back in the late 50’s, early 60’s making eight all-star teams and winning three straight gold glove awards before some guy named Brooks Robinson came along. Similar ballplayers to Malzone are Charlie Hayes, Doug Radar, Hubie Brooks, and Melvin Mora. All had decent years sprinkled out through their careers. Frank also finished second in the 1957 ROY ballot to Tony Kubek.

Malzone burst on the scene like … “a delayed-action bomb.” He was such a quiet, modest, and unassuming ballplayer that Red Sox traveling secretary Tom Dowd averred, “If he wasn’t on the roster, I wouldn’t know he was on the club.”

In 1995, Frank Malzone was one of the inaugural class of inductees into the Red Sox Hall of Fame cumulating a career with the Red Sox organization for more than 60 years, save for one season playing for the California Angels. in 1966.


4 thoughts on “Stand up, stand out”

  1. That’s a beautiful piece. All three of my Bosox stand ups from 64 are missing the upper half. But then again I acquired them in 73 when I was 10. I actually had them standing up on my bureau. They are all in need of an upgrade


    1. Thanks Mark! Love the color on this. My brother has a beautiful Yaz one, but is sitting in a box back at our parents house. He also has a sweet 69 Super and 73 Candy Lid that would be more at home in my collection.


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