The Big Books of Papi

First off before I jump into a quick post as we all head into the weekend … Thank you all so far who have followed me on Twitter and left comments there and on the blog. It’s good getting back to writing about this great hobby. It allows me some down time to catch my breath and learn something I did know about this card or that player. For example when I wrote about Earl Wilson, I had no idea he being the first African-American to throw a no-hitter in the American League. I will say though, I had to tweak the language from what the Boston Globe used on that day in 1962—let’s say it’d would fly in these times.


2014 Panini National Treasures NT Star Jumbo Booklets David Ortiz (jersey patch)

Was busy photographing a number of cards for future posts and thought these would be a change of pace from the vintage posts the last couple of days.  Saw these one day on eBay and thought they were really beautifully designed—even if they are missing the MLB logos.


I have a number of relics and used to want all I could find years ago, but you can only have so may white, red, or, gray squares of uniform. So I started only looking for Sox jerseys that showed some form of a patch. As you can see with this jumbo swatch, there’s a nice section of what is the “3” in his uniform number “34.”


2014 Panini National Treasures NT Star Jumbo Booklets David Ortiz (bat nicknames)


Next is a Big Papi nicknames bat booklet. I actually had picked this one up prior to the jersey book above. Both cards are really beautiful and I need to see about finding magnetic cases for these so I can keep flat instead of in a plastic team set box. I think I have seen them online but I know the LCS does not carry them.


David Ortiz will probably go down in history around New England, as the greatest Sox player they ever saw … okay maybe not “greatest”but right up there on the Mounth Rushmore of Sox players (I think Ted just turned in his cryogenic sleep tube) …  but definitely greatest clutch moment player that Red Sox Nation has seen.

Hope you enjoyed the Big Papi books and thank you again for reading. Go Sox—magic number is only 5!!


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